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By registering, you agree to the following:

1. Cancellation Policy:
Public virtual workshop training fees are non-refundable; this is due to the limited number of seats offered, the rarity of these teen/young adult workshops, and special issues involved in public workshop coordination. No shows: If a registered participant fails to attend a training without prior notice, no refund of the training fee will be given.

However, if a registered participant cancels the booking at least 7 days prior to the start date of the training, this participant has a one-time opportunity to send an alternate participant in one’s place. In this case, Cream of the Crop Leaders (COTC Inc., hereafter COTC) must receive and approve a fully completed registration form from the alternate participant before this seat is considered transferred to the alternate. COTC is not involved in the transfer of payment between the original participant and the alternate. No refunds are given to either party if the alternate fails to attend.

NO OBSERVERS ARE ALLOWED. This is due to the inherent vulnerability for participants who are practicing new tools; observers create a less than optimal environment.

For Bring-a-Friend discounts, you agree to have your card charged the additional full fee difference if your friend/colleague does not attend.

If we cancel the training: Though extremely rare, COTC reserves the right to cancel trainings prior to the start date.

2. Maintain confidentiality: Participants agree to keep others' behavior and words confidential. By agreeing to not share others’ behavior or comments, you help to create an optimal learning environment in which you and your co-participants can safely try on new behaviors and discard unproductive obstacles. Please note that COTC cannot guarantee that other participants will keep confidentiality.

3. Refrain from copying, videotaping, audio taping, recording or sharing - in any form - Cream of the Crop Leaders (COTC Inc.) content, program materials, methods, business practices or training process details. Our processes, materials, methods and business practices are strongly copyrighted and proprietary. Participants, including those in organizational development, training and/or human resources roles, agree to never replicate or reverse engineer, in full or in part, this training or portions of this training to any degree or in any form whatsoever.

4. COTC is happy to accommodate special needs. You agree to inform us in writing (email is acceptable) at least 4 weeks prior of any special needs or dietary restrictions - plus offer an acceptable solution.

5. Effect on you: During this virtual program, participants will be active, and busy. Most people have a lot of fun. In addition, it’s normal to expect a moderate level of discomfort or anxiety at times since true growth requires healthy risk. Since everyone is unique and histories are varied, we have no way to know in advance what effect some portions of the training may have on the participant and whether COTC programs are appropriate. If you have any concerns about the participant's anxiety level or other medical/psychological conditions, you agree to share our website and program information with the medical professionals who know the participant best and get professional clearance; you may advise these professionals to contact COTC for more information. These programs are not intended to provide counseling or a as substitute for psychotherapy; this program is not a psychological support group or a therapeutic environment. Also, and because the effectiveness of these programs are dependent upon ongoing practice, we can’t determine the level of benefit participants will gain from this training.

6. Parents + Legal Guardians: If you are signing this for your child, you agree to these terms on behalf of yourself and your child.

7. Indemnity Clause: Client agrees to indemnify and hold COTC Inc. (COTC) harmless from any claims or liability arising from COTC's and COTC consultants’ work under this Contract.

8. Applicable Law: This Agreement is entered into in the State of California, USA, and is governed exclusively by California law. Client and COTC agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the US Northern District of California federal court or California state courts located in Sonoma County, California for any action arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

9. Resolving Disputes: If a dispute arises from this Agreement, the parties agree to first try to resolve the dispute with good faith effort and, if needed, with the help of a mutually agreed upon arbitrator in Sonoma County.

By registering, I agree to the terms above and have received consent of any participants I'm registering.

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